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Dries bright in minutes!
Silverado Visual Difference works on coats, manes and tails to instantly dissolve and remove dirt, sweat marks, grass, urine, manure stains and more. Fast, easy clean-up at home or shows, when bathing is impossible.
Silverado Shine – Safe, gentle, smooth spray covers evenly to highlight, condition and shine coats, manes and tails.
Over 1000 bands per jar, band & braid ripper included!
Brings out the natural highlights and gives the hair a healthy, natural-looking shine.
Makes braids tighter, bands neater and diminishes stray hairs - even in humidity and wind.
Color-enhancing aerosol spray developed specifically for horses to quickly, safely and effectively cover stains, scars, flaws, and blemishes while enhancing hair color and leaving a soft, natural feel and look.
Grooming Chalk. Jacks Grooming Chalk is great for those last minute touch-ups.
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